Building Design—closed version

Building Design

With support from public input and technical studies, the project team has also developed a preliminary building design that shows what the building will look like and what kinds of spaces and activities will be offered inside. Check out this video to learn more about the key features and hear from the project team.

The building design aims to provide a state-of-the-art community center and pool facility for the people of Seattle that will be seamlessly integrated into one of the best-loved parks of the city.

The large pool and gym spaces will be located along the east side of the building. The pool spaces will be adjacent to the new parking lot and will be visible as people approach the building. The east entry, welcome hall, and west entry will align with the existing row of mature sycamore trees that connect the building to the main urban hub of the Green Lake neighborhood.

Schematic design showing the floor plan of facility’s first level.

Level 1 floor plan

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The activity and event spaces on both levels will offer views of Green Lake to the west.

Schematic design showing the floor plan of the facility’s second floor.

Level 2 floor plan

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Whether arriving by mass transit, car, bike, or on foot, most visitors will follow paths leading to the main east entry. As visitors approach the building, the design will offer views into the lively pool space and welcome hall.

Design rendering showing people at the east entry of the building and the row of sycamore trees the line the outside.

View of east entry from the row of sycamore trees.

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After entering the welcome hall, visitors will see the pool space to the right, the gym to the left, and the reception desk ahead, with the porch and lake beyond. The welcome hall will be a space from which visitors can access all the fun activities of the building or find a spot to sit and relax, enjoy a coffee, or read a book.

Design rendering showing people in the welcome hall.

Interior view of welcome hall.

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The west side of the building will meet the park landscape in a large community porch. Activities in the center, such as exercise classes and weight training, will be able to spill out onto the porch. Informal seating will also allow people to sit and enjoy the view of the walking and biking trail and the sunset over Green Lake.

Design rendering showing people using the west-facing activity spaces and community porch.

View of west-facing activity spaces and community porch.

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Photo Credits: All contextual and inspirational images, except those listed individually, are credited to Miller Hull Partnership, Berger Partnership and their project teams.