Site Design—closed version

Site Design

With support from public input and technical studies, the project team has developed a preliminary site plan that locates the community center and pool footprint within the park space and the amenities surrounding the building. Check out this video to learn more about the key features and hear from the project team.

Aerial view of the Green Lake area, showing the Site A location and nearby amenities and businesses.


ACommunity Center Building


CDrop-off Zone

DPromenade Trail


FToddler Play Area


HBasketball Courts

IPing-Pong Tables

JBocce Court

KExisting Beach to Remain

LExisting Playfields to Remain

MExisting Tennis Court to Remain

NExisting Boathouse / Concession Stand to Remain


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Site plan features

The new community center and pool facility resides within the footprint of the current building and parking lot. Parking will shift to the east of the new building and use the existing driveway. The new parking lot will include large planted islands that clean stormwater and large trees that provide shade on hot days.

Destination Playground

North of the building, a new adventure playground will replace the existing play area. The project team envisions a themed playground that uses natural materials and reflects the natural ecology of the lake. The playground shown below is a concept only. The design of the playground will be explored in more detail with the public in 2021.

Schematic design showing the nature-themed playground.

Destination playground

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Image montage showing a nature-themed playground.

Themed outdoor play equipment will emulate the natural environment (left).
Natural materials, rope climbers, and balance elements will enhance the experience (right).

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Photo Credits: Bridgeland Dragonfly Park, Cypress, TX by Clark Condon and Earthscapes.

Porch and Lakeside Promenade

The new community center building will have a strong connection to the site that includes easy travel into and around the building. The spaces on the west side of the building will spill out to an outdoor ‘porch’ that faces the lake, the trail, and the swimming beach, offering great people-watching and sunset views. On the east side of the building, the front door will align with the existing row of sycamore trees, connecting the heart of the neighborhood to the lake and building.

Schematic design showing the porch, trail, and swimming beach on the west side of the building.

Porch and lakeside promenade

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Image montage showing lakeside elements, including pathways, planting, topography and seating.

The lakeside landscape will connect the community center porch and lake with generous pathways, seating, and places to lounge and gather.

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Photo Credits:
Bow RiverWalk, Calgary, Canada by Stantec (far left); Stantec Paprocany Lake Shore Redevelopment, Tychy, Poland by RS + Rober Sitek (center left); Yanchep Golf Estate, Perth, Australia by Place Laboratory with photography by Peter Bennetts & Place Laboratory (center right); Green Bay City Deck, Michigan by Stoss (far right).

Outdoor Fitness and Basketball

The area south of the building will host outdoor amenities such as one full-size and one half-size basketball court, outdoor exercise equipment, outdoor ping-pong tables, and new bocce ball courts. Restrooms will also be accessible along the south wall of the building with an outdoor entrance. The baseball fields and expanse of lawn south of the community center will remain as they are today.

Schematic design showing outdoor courts and fitness equipment on the south side of the building.

Outdoor fitness and basketball areas.

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Photos showing adult outdoor fitness equipment and ping-pong table.

Outdoor fitness stations will be located along the south pathway (left and right).
An outdoor ping‑ pong table will support the table tennis program, allowing events to move outside on warm sunny days (middle).

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Photo Credits: Kompan Outdoor Fitness Equipment (left); McGilvra Plaza by Berger Partnership (center); Paprocany Lake Shore Redevelopment, Tychy, Poland by RS + Rober Sitek (right).

Photo Credits: All contextual and inspirational images, except those listed individually, are credited to Miller Hull Partnership, Berger Partnership and their project teams.